Foreign Personnel Supply

We supply personnel in the desired categories from 40 countries for companies serving in the tourism, industry and service sectors of Turkey. In the procurement process, the CVs of the person or persons in the desired category are sent. After the examination, the procurement process begins and the personnel with a work permit is recruited by the employer.

Working Visa

Personnel who want to come to Turkey from abroad assign their CV. He is told about the working conditions of our company. In order not to experience any grievances in the future, after the conditions are accepted, an invitation is sent to him and he goes to the consulate in his country and makes his application. After the consular application, work permit procedures are initiated by our company. If the work permit is approved, it is supplied to the contracted company by coming to Turkey and works for one (1) year.

Residence Permit

Residence permit applications of people who have come or will come to Turkey are made by us. Residence permit for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years can be made by us according to the wishes and conditions of the person.

Study Visa

Thanks to the universities we have contracted with, you can study in Turkey's well-established private universities. You can have no doubt that we will be with you in every problem during your education.

Business Visas

It is the type of visa we can apply for foreign companies agreed by us to come to our country and meet us face to face. You can easily come to our country with a work visa.

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